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Race to the Top 2015 Evidence Based Literacy Grant Reporting

Welcome to the CFCE Monthly Race to the Top Reporting online data collection tool.
The monthly report gives you an opportunity to describe evidence-base literacy grant activities implemented each month and to provide an update on progress made compared to the benchmarks and outcomes proposed in your initial grant applications.

You may enter, save and return to enter data as it becomes available. You will be able to retrieve your Report and modify your answers later if you wish to do so.

Once you enter the application, you will enter your password from the online CFCE Monthly Data Report application. If you forgot your password or have any technical questions while completing the application, please contact Lorenzo Mateo. As the application is password protected, the page you are working on will time-out after 30 minutes. Save often to avoid any loss of data.

If you have any programmatic questions related to your data report please consult with your appropriate Family/Community Quality Specialist. Florence Semb, Donna Marshall , Cheryl Marks, Loretta Prendeville

Please complete the monthly report application on or before the 21st of every month.

Thank you for your time and work!