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Information About EEC License Exempt Programs

In Massachusetts, a license is required to provide most childcare services. In some cases the caring arrangement may be exempt from licensure and may not require a license from EEC. Exemptions may include preschool and after school programs operated by the public schools, drop-in programs, programs that do not operate on a regular basis, programs where care is not separate from parents, playgroups, religious services, informal cooperated arrangements and parochial and private school programs. In most cases programs must receive approval for exemption from EEC in writing.

Programs that are exempt from EEC licensing will not appear in your search results.

However, some preschool programs and after school programs may take place in a school building, but are privately run, in which case they may be licensed by EEC. To confirm that a program is EEC licensed, please contact the EEC Regional Licensing Office in your area.

If you are interested in a Public Preschool or After School Program administered by a school district, please visit the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. The “PK” column indicates whether the city or town has a Pre-K program(s) in the public school. For contact information for your local public school, click on the respective town/city name, and then on “directory information.”