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Welcome to EEC's Professional Qualifications Registry (PQ Registry). Educators working in programs serving children from birth through school age, regardless of setting, can create an individual educator profile in the PQ Registry. EEC encourages all educators to take advantage of the PQ Registry, including those who work in public preschools and other programs that are not subject to EEC licensure.

If you are currently working in early education or out-of-school time in an EEC-licensed center-based program or family child care home in Massachusetts, you will need to register to comply with the 2010 Family, Group and School Age Child Care Regulations. Educators, including assistants, who work with infants, toddlers, preschoolers, or school age children in EEC-licensed settings are required to register and update their registration annually. EEC is also requiring programs that are not subject to EEC licensure to register their educators if they would like to participate in EEC's Quality Rating Improvement System (QRIS).

EEC's new Professional Qualifications Registry gathers important information on the size, composition, education, and experience of our current workforce. It stores information about the retention and turnover of educators working in early education and out-of-school time programs. This information will help EEC build a workforce development system that responds to the needs of all educators and programs in Massachusetts.

Please note that having an EEC teacher certification does not mean that you are already registered.

Important PQ Registry Update: Educators can now renew their PQ Registration! EEC finished building the renewal application for the PQ Registry. If your PQ Registry Renewal Date is January 1, 2012, please renew your registration between January 1st and February 3rd 2012. During this period, licensees will not be cited for noncompliance with the renewal requirement and educators with expired registrations may continue to access EEC-funded professional development.

To renew your PQ Registration, please review your Educator Profile for accuracy and add the professional development and experience you have gained during the year. Once you have reviewed and updated your profile, your PQ Registry status will change from "Expired" to "Active." Instructions for renewing your registration can be found at:

In addition to this renewal function, some of the improvements you will find in this Third Phase of Registry development include:
  • A reminder page for educators when they enter the PQ Registry if their Registration Status is "Expired" with instructions on how to renew their registration.
  • A reminder page for PQ Registry administrators when they enter the PQ Registry if staff have a Registration Status of "Pending" and/or "Expired." This page asks them to work with their staff to complete or renew their registrations.
  • Improvements on the Secondary Education page include revised error messages.
  • The Add Your Educational Coursework/Update Your Educational Coursework page now includes an Addressed Diverse Learners checkbox with instructions.
  • The Position Information page displays Age Range only if the Special Needs checkbox is selected first. Age ranges are recorded in years and months. A Help Icon next to the Position Type drop-down links to definitions of the positions on the list.
  • The Professional Qualifications Registry Summary report has a new column labeled Competency which displays the core competencies an educator’s professional development addressed. Position is now a drop-down list with a Help Icon that links to definitions of the positions.
  • An email is sent automatically to "Expired" registrants who have provided an email address to remind them that their registration must be renewed.
  • An email is sent automatically to PQ Registry administrators who have provided an email address to remind them that they have staff whose registrations are "Pending" or "Expired."
And more PQ Registry improvements are coming soon!

For online resources about the PQ Registry, click here. Please note that online page instructions have been added to the PQ Registry, should you have questions about how to use the Registry.